Selected discography 

George Russell, The London Concert — “La Folia: The Rocella Variations” (Schwendener/Russell), Label Bleu 65278 (1989) 

Schwendener and Farquarson, Picture Time, Gravity Records GRV-1900-1 (1991) 

Witness of The Sun, Gravity Records GRV-1900-3 (1997) 

Ben Schwendener and Falling Objects, Road Trips, Gravity Records GRV-1900-5D (2001) 

Ben Schwendener / Marc Rossi, Living Geometry I, Gravity Records GRV-1900-6 (2001) 

Ben Schwendener / Uwe Steinmetz, Apfelschaun, Gravity Arts Records GRV 1900-7 (2003) 

Ben Schwendener / Marc Rossi feat. Joe Maneri and Uwe Steinmetz, Living Geometry II, Gravity Records GRV-1900-8 (2004) 

Ben Schwendener / Uwe Steinmetz, Apfelschaun: New Episode, Gravity Arts Records GRV 20102 (2011) 

Industrial Folk Music, Gravity Records GRV 2010-3 (2011)

The Mobile Trio, Upward Mobility, Gravity Records digital download (2016)


Music books with CD’s

The Creative Piano (Children’s Music) Volume 1, Gravity Arts (2007) 

The Creative Piano (Children’s Music) Volume 2, Gravity Arts (2007)